Our History

The company was founded in 1978 upon the principles of entrepreneurship and a strong work ethic. This spirit has continued till today.

What started off as a small garment export project, matured and flourished into a leading organisation working with some of the largest retailers in the world. Within the past decade, we pivoted our focus to the lucrative business of denim.



Our mission is to help empower people through contemporary denim. We recognise that accessibility to trendy denim has increased over the past decades. Hence, we aim to develop upon the latest trends in the industry and supply them to our partners in various different fabrics and at a range of prices.



We aim to become the leading suppliers of contemporary denim. Our focus is to continually invest in people and technology to help generate innovations within the trends and techniques used to prepare a piece of denim.

We have sourced a plethora of different fabrics and developed a range of different styles to ensure we are able to provide bespoke products according to the needs of our customers.

Our Quality Policy

Our quality control system ensures that our products and procedures meet our client's expectations and international quality standards. We believe in verified methods & audits as the main quality tool, which enables us to deliver quality assurance to our customers.

We place a strong emphasis on Quality Assurance to certify our garments are up to the correct standards outlined by our partners. We have developed and implemented stringent Quality Management Systems to ensure the highest quality of output and have introduced training schemes to ensure our employees develop the appropriate competencies.

Our Partners

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