Production Facilities


The primary role of cutting isn’t only to cut the pieces according to the required sizes but also to make sure that the fabric is used efficiently. The wastage must be controlled and minimized. More the pieces are cut precisely and accordingly more will the likelihood of getting a good quality finished garments resulting in enhancing the reputation of company.


Our stitching department consist of 400 machines which include all required special machines like Twin Needles, Feed of the Arm etc., these special machines are adequate to fulfill the requirement of Stitching Department.


Our In-House washing facility is capable to wash 5000 pieces per day. There are adequate numbers of machines with requisite manning level to produce 5000 pieces per day.


There are adequate numbers of person to process 5000 pieces per day. All orders are presented to the Packing Department in following sequence:

Our Policies

Conducting our business in an honest manner!

Comfortable environment is just a part of our commitment to human resources. We believe that a company’s greatest asset is its employees and our human resource management policies are a reflection of this. Teamwork means that every employee should derive satisfaction from his/her work while achieving the company’s objectives. Staff receives competitive salaries and benefits; we offer medical benefits and provide interest free loans on request. Most of all we offer secure employment. Sexual harassment of either gender, or any type of behavior that is sexually coercive, threatening, abusive or exploitative, is not allowed.